Although the way we work and collaborate has changed drastically over the past few years, meetings remain as pervasive as ever. The time we spend in meetings has risen consistently over the past fifty years, and the pandemic has only caused meeting times to spike. Even worse, employees are often leaving those meetings lacking critical actionable items to work with, giving them little idea on how to move forward. 

Whether you work remotely or collaborate in-person, poor meeting etiquette and the lack of structured conclusions results in burnout, productivity loss, and workflow inefficiency. Employees stumbling through meeting notes lose precious time that could be better spent focusing on meaningful, productive work. Bad meetings can also lead to additional meetings to reconvene and clarify — a self-perpetuating cycle that quickly turns an otherwise productive team into a disorganized mess. 

The post-meeting jumble 

A key culprit behind poor meeting culture is what’s referred to as ‘meeting amnesia,’ which occurs when we leave meetings without remembering what was discussed, what conclusions were derived, and which tasks should be prioritized to move things forward. 

Lack of clarity and documentation results in time spent in meetings essentially wasted. Oftentimes, it’s also unclear who’s responsible for the essential task of organizing the meeting notes, delivering the resulting action items, and implementing new improvements. 

Introducing Wrike’s AI Subtask Creation

Fortunately, untangling the jumble of meeting notes is easier than ever with Wrike’s latest AI Subtask Creation tool. AI Subtask Creation is part of Wrike's powerful Work Intelligence™ suite, a combination of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that enable you to focus on high-value work. Utilizing state-of-the-art natural language processing, AI Subtask Creation automatically sifts through unstructured meeting notes and extracts key action items in the form of subtasks.

Building Actionable Futures With Wrike’s AI Subtask Creation for Meetings 2

Getting started with AI Subtask Creation is just as easy as it looks:

  1. To begin, simply highlight a portion of text within any Wrike task that contains potential action items you’d like to convert into subtasks
  2. Once highlighted, you’ll notice a popup column featuring three buttons. Choose the button at the bottom of the column to have our AI analyze the plain text. 
  3. Once finished, our natural language processing will identify a list of subtasks and automatically add them to the main task.

Building Actionable Futures With Wrike’s AI Subtask Creation for Meetings 3

Here at Wrike, we love using this handy functionality for a variety of situations outside meeting notes as well. Found additional action items or context to incorporate in an external email, document, or Wrike Request Form? Simply copy and paste the supplemental details into your Wrike task, and have our AI handle subtask generation and structuring. No need for manual subtask creation or replicating action items by hand. 

This is even easier if you’re chatting about next steps over Zoom, Slack, or Microsoft Teams — all of which Wrike provides third-party integrations for. Store the conversations in Wrike tasks with a click of a button without leaving the third-party interface, and later convert the notes into actionable items with our AI Subtask Creation tool.

And that's not all. Brainstormed a winning strategy on a whiteboard or piece of paper but dreading writing it all down? No worries — just utilize our Work Intelligence™ document scanning and text recognition tool in the Wrike mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) to have our platform automatically convert the notes into comments in a task. Once that's completed, you can turn those directly into action items with our AI Subtask Creation tool. 

Building Actionable Futures With Wrike’s AI Subtask Creation for Meetings 4

Getting more value out of your meetings

Don’t let bad meetings and cumbersome administrative work get in the way of your team’s productivity and creativity. AI Subtask Creation enables your team to confidently attend and leave meetings with action items in hand, without any confusion about who’s responsible for owning and delivering them. Best of all, it’s easily trackable and automated, leaving your teams more time than ever to do meaningful work — not poring over another set of hastily put-together meeting notes. 

For additional information on AI Subtask Creation, please visit our Work Intelligence™ page — or learn more about driving the future success of your work through Wrike’s comprehensive Work Intelligence™ suite.