As more companies transition to remote and hybrid work models, teams find their work becoming increasingly complex with the rising number of applications, activities, and projects. This complexity makes assessing project risk difficult, which impacts time to completion, resources, and — most importantly — how successful a project will be. Hypergrowth teams need robust solutions that can accommodate their complex needs — solutions that take advantage of automation capabilities to empower teams to operate smarter and more efficiently while focusing on the work that matters most.

Unlike spreadsheets or other simplistic work apps that require trade-offs and a lot of tinkering, Wrike streamlines how you work, using AI to identify your most important projects and move tasks forward quickly from anywhere.

At Collaborate 2020, we announced Wrike’s Work Intelligence™, a combination of cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies that enable you to focus on high-value work. Packaged together, Work Intelligence™ includes AI-powered smart recommendations and various machine learning-powered features across web and mobile.

Starting today, we’re excited to add more functionality to the Work Intelligence™ feature set!

What’s new today?

Ranked as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Collaborative Work Management Tools report three consecutive times, Wrike is the most powerful work management platform, able to optimize growth for teams and organizations.

Our product leadership spans many areas, including AI and machine learning, and today we’re expanding our Work Intelligence™ features to include AI Project Risk Prediction which automatically assesses a project’s potential for success, raises red flags, and recommends adjustments to improve project planning and increase the chance of timely completion. In addition, new smart assignee and mention selectors, and smart search capabilities, guide workers on how to effectively provide visibility into and assign work. 

We’ll start with the backbone of it all — AI Project Risk Prediction — before highlighting the new functionality (smart search, smart assignee and mention selectors).

AI Project Risk Prediction

Wrike’s Knowledge Graph leverages data from millions of projects, including project complexity, the number of completed and overdue tasks, task activity, owner’s previous projects, and more. Wrike will use this data and AI to estimate the project risk level from the beginning of the project to its final stage, helping managers make real-time decisions and adjustments during execution.

AI Project Risk Prediction uses machine learning technology to predict potential project delays, alert project and team leaders early, and provide possible causes for the delay. It uses signals like start and end dates, tasks extending beyond project deadlines, and prior outcomes from similar projects to assess medium and high risks and sends email digests to alert project owners. The predictions can be used as inputs to the Automation Engine to trigger actions that automate the activation of different scenarios to remedy the project risk. This allows teams to take action in a timely manner to reduce or even avoid delays. 

Wrike’s Work IntelligenceTM Gets 3x Smarter  With New Capabilities 2

AI Project Risk Prediction is also available on mobile platforms, so you can get alerted and see which work is most at risk while on the go.

Wrike’s Work IntelligenceTM Gets 3x Smarter  With New Capabilities 3

Understanding AI Project Risk Prediction

Whether on mobile or desktop, you can find these estimations in the Project Progress window in the project information panel, Table view, the project dashboard widget, and project-based reports. It’s also important to note that you’ll only get project risk estimates for:

  • Active projects which include criteria that allow for risk calculation such as duration, start date, end date, etc. (Subprojects and tasks don’t need to have start and end dates.)
  • Projects with Project Progress activated

The more accurate and up-to-date the details of your projects are (start and end dates, status, project tasks information, etc.), the more accurate the project risk predictions will be. The project risk is calculated each time you make changes to your projects or tasks included in your projects.

Your Project Risk Prediction consists of a project risk level (low, medium, or high) and a corresponding color which can be seen in your Project Health window:

  • Low risk: Green
  • Medium risk: Amber
  • High risk: Red

As part of this feature, you can also set up a weekly email report that summarizes your project risk level.

Wrike’s Work IntelligenceTM Gets 3x Smarter  With New Capabilities 4

AI Project Risk Prediction is available now to Business, Enterprise, and Pinnacle customers.

Smart search, smart assignee and mention selectors

We’ve all been there before — accidentally tagging someone then frantically clicking undo to remove their visibility. Or, you search for a teammate to @ mention only to get inundated with every coworker in your organization in the dropdown list.

Wrike is eliminating the risk of human error and creating a better user experience with smart suggestions on @ mentions, assignees, and location search results. The new selectors help avoid cross-functional interruptions caused by incorrect cross-tagging and unwanted content sharing, while making the overall work experience more intuitive. Other work management technologies don’t provide this functionality powered by AI.

Wrike’s Work IntelligenceTM Gets 3x Smarter  With New Capabilities 6

Before, smart assignee and mention selectors were based on recency. Now, activity-based mention suggestions and improved assignee search are available. In addition, Wrike’s smart search engine logic update was redesigned to take context, recency, and collaboration history into account to provide better overall performance, more accurate results, and speed relevant to any item.

Specifically, we’ve added new search tabs that give you the option to search everywhere in the Space, project, or folder you're currently in. We’ve also made more search commands available (AND, OR, NOT) to help you fine-tune the results. With our redesigned smart search engine, you’ll find who and/or what you need quicker, which is especially helpful for large teams.

Wrike’s Work IntelligenceTM Gets 3x Smarter  With New Capabilities 7

Smart search, smart assignee and mention selectors are available now to all Wrike users. 

Don’t forget what else is included with Work Intelligence™

With all the work you have on your to-do list, where do you focus first? Wrike’s AI Recommended tasks were designed to address that.

AI Recommended tasks help you ensure you’re working on the tasks that require your attention first. It adds a widget to your Home page displaying up to eight active recommended tasks assigned to you. Our machine learning model looks at tasks assigned to you and assesses their urgency based on factors such as due date, task status, prioritization, and how often you edit or comment on tasks. Think of it this way — it prioritizes your work so that you know what to focus on next and can make maximum impact.

Wrike’s Work IntelligenceTM Gets 3x Smarter  With New Capabilities 7

With Smart Replies in your Wrike mobile app inbox, you can take quick actions to move work forward by responding to notifications and activity with machine learning-generated automated replies based on the context of the conversation thread. You can select between three quick, contextually-generated responses for each @ mention received in your Wrike inbox. 

Wrike’s Work IntelligenceTM Gets 3x Smarter  With New Capabilities 8

Using Wrike’s Document Processing, optical character recognition (OCR) technology digitizes and converts printed documents and handwritten notes into editable text files. All that’s necessary is to use your mobile device camera as a scanner, save the file as a task attachment, and upload to Wrike. Document Processing is available for iOS and Android.

Wrike’s Work IntelligenceTM Gets 3x Smarter  With New Capabilities 9

Wrike’s mobile voice commands allow you to get work done from anywhere at any time by issuing hands-free Siri and Google Assistant voice commands without having to open Wrike.

Wrike’s Work IntelligenceTM Gets 3x Smarter  With New Capabilities 10

Do your best work and focus on what matters most

Wrike doesn’t stop at AI, and we recommend you see firsthand how an intelligent work management platform could work for your team. For starters, you could read what real customers have to say in our eBook, “32 G2 Reviews About the Wrike Platform.” 

Then, start a free trial and experience the platform for yourself. Once you’ve had a chance to try Wrike out, join our Community and share your feedback with our team! We’re confident you’ll see how easy it is to collaborate and manage all your work in a centralized hub. For current customers not on Business, Enterprise, or Pinnacle plans, consider upgrading your plan to get access to AI Project Risk Prediction in its entirety. Once you’ve experienced the power and convenience of Wrike’s total functionality, you won’t look back.