What is open innovation, why do organizations (including Wrike) turn to it, and how does it help them get ahead of their competitors? Join E2 Innovate Conference in Santa Clara, CA, on November 14 to find out! Wrike's CEO, Andrew Filev, and Damon Gragg, global project manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific (we're proud to say that he's our customer, too!), will co-present a session where they'll answer these questions, share their own experience with open innovation and highlight examples from other industries. Here's a sneak peak of the presentation.
To put it in simple words, open innovation means involving external partners in your research, development, design and other activities, rather than relying solely on your direct project team. You can collaborate with other companies from your industry, customers, universities, labs, individuals and more. So open innovation is a model that lets collective intelligence shine in its full glory. Andrew and Damon will cover both the concept and the practical side of making it work. Damon's organization, Thermo Fisher, embraced open innovation both internally and externally, and today it's a global leader in scientific and healthcare equipment. For Wrike, the core of open innovation is collaborating with you, our customers. Your ideas and feedback help us constantly improve the product and be a leader in the project management space.

We invite you all to the session, no matter if you're a devotee of open innovation, or if you're just familiar with the basics of the model. As a bonus, we have some discounted conference passes, free expo passes, and a limited number of session passes. Email us for details at [email protected] if you decide to join the event.

November 14. Santa Clara Convention Center. Hope to see you there!