Project management software is an uncommon purchase. Unlike buying office supplies, project management software can be expensive and urgent, yet intended to be used for years to come. The challenge is that with business processes rapidly changing — as they currently are in project management — the software that supports these processes often lags behind when offering new features. This gap, caused by an app's inability to scale, leaves companies frustrated and in the market for new options.

Would You Pay More for Project Management Software that Scales?

GetApp — the company that showcases business apps to companies looking for solutions — came up with a hypothesis: perhaps project managers are willing to pay more for project management software that could scale alongside their business needs?

To prove their hypothesis, GetApp, a technology research company, surveyed over 200 US-based project managers who rely on project management software to do their job. Almost 45% of those surveyed work in the IT sector, with more than three quarters working in a small business. The result is in their Project Management Software Features Report.

Some eye-opening stats from the report:

  • 95% of project managers use more than one tool regularly; 5% of project managers use more than 10 tools for project management
  • 67.33% of project managers use Microsoft Project, with the next tool, Basecamp, taking a very distant second place at 8.91%
  • 19% of respondents cite task management as the most important feature

The Consequences of Outdated Tools

GetApp invited Wrike CEO & Founder Andrew Filev to comment on the research, since he founded Wrike to solve this exact problem. His experience leading a software consultancy with outdated tools showed him all the dire consequences of using tools that couldn't scale. He also understands the importance of cloud-based integrations for today's project managers. Since projects are more complex and stakeholder-heavy than ever before, it's important for project data to not live within several disparate tools. Finally, his insights on multi-product tiers that can scale alongside business needs are equally helpful for project management software vendors and buyers.

Read the full report here: GetApp's Project Management Software Features Report.