We continuously add new capabilities to Wrike’s Intelligent E-mail Engine. Today, we introduced the processing of replies to Wrike’s e-mail notifications. As you probably know, Wrike notifies you about changes made to your tasks by your colleagues. You can now reply to those notifications, and your answer will be added to the task description!

Create and send a reply message:

The task description is updated:

The author of the changes and other team members, who are subscribed to immediate notifications, will receive a message about the updates. This increases usability, helps to improve your productivity and brings more information from e-mails into the shared workspace, where it’s visible, shareable and editable.

Patent-pending Intelligent E-mail Engine is one of the strongest features of Wrike. It helps you save a lot of time by letting you manage tasks without logging in to the workspace. You can create tasks via e-mail, update tasks via e-mail and receive notifications about the changes. You can use it on the go or when you are offline. You can plug in to Wrike users  who don’t want to leave their familiar environment (e-mail). With Wrike, you can combine the benefits of traditional e-mail with the benefits of collaboration on the Web.