The time-tracking feature is now released in Wrike, the project management software. We have received many inquiries from our users about ability to track time in Wrike, so we decided to implement this feature.

Professional services providers, companies that work with freelancers, implement hourly pay, or have many projects and employees — all of you will find great value in the time tracking feature.

Besides time tracking, Wrike offers a powerful platform for collaboration, task organization, task management, reports across diverse projects, Gantt charts, e-mail integration and smart notifications — all in one user workspace.

Time-tracking is an essential part of increasing the productivity of your team. Time-tracking helps you keep track of the hours spent on a task or a project and evaluate the effectiveness of your employees.

Your team members now can add time entries to tasks easily. They just open the task to edit, choose the date and enter number of hours spent on the task.

Then you can create time reports for projects and track the workload of your team members. You can export reports to CSV file format, print and provide them to clients.