The modern workplace is changing rapidly, and it shows no sign of slowing down. More and more of us are (or will be) working in non-traditional ways, from setting our own hours to working with colleagues spread out over the entire globe.

This infographic examines today's trends and takes a peek into the future to identify the most important skills workers will need to stay on top of their game in the years to come.

Top 10 Work Skills for 2020

  1. Sense Making: Understanding the significance of situations and trends
  2. Social Intelligence: Connecting with others and understanding their needs
  3. Novel and Adaptive Thinking: Brainstorming creative solutions to problems and challenges
  4. Cross-Cultural Competency: Working as part of a diverse team from different cultural backgrounds
  5. Computational Thinking: Translating large amounts of data into meaningful insights and ideas
  6. New Media Literacy: Communicating meaningfully, especially through visual media
  7. Transdisciplinary Thinking: Understanding and connecting concepts across disciplines and industries
  8. Design Mindset: Developing new work processes across globally-connected, enterprise-level organizations
  9. Cognitive Load Management: Organizing and prioritizing work for maximum efficiency and productivity
  10. Virtual Collaboration: Working productively and staying engaged as a member of a virtual team

Check out the infographic for 6 trends driving the need for new skills, and gain more insight into the future of work.

Top 10 most important work traits for 2020.Infographic Source:

Your turn: what skills do you feel will be important in the next decade? Share it with us in the comments.

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