Most of the questions and debates between users and the support team come from the sharing principle. Let me explain it again.

Every user has its own workspace in Wrike, and its own structure of tasks and folders. He can share any task or a folder with other users. In this case the shared item is visible, accessible and changeable for both people (or for more people if necessary).

For example David and I share the only folder “New features”. Other folders we have are totally different, and actually I don’t know if David has any other folders. But I decided to include “New features” into two other folders for my convenience: “System features” and “Wrike Development”. In turn, David has no idea about my actions, because these two folders are not shared with him.

If the task is shared with you, but its parent folder is not shared with you, such task is single and placed in "My Folders."

I hope this example is descriptive enough, and you understand how to give access to tasks and folders while keeping your structure at the same time.

View of the shared list by default
Since the shared list for the task is inherited after the parent folder (if it is), it’s not visually changeable anymore. We have changed the view of this list to avoid any possible confusion. So if you want to add people to the task shared list, write their e-mail addresses in the field “Also shared with” (in the parent folder details). On the other hand, if you want to delete anyone from this list, you need to change the parent folder properties.