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Have you ever been blindsided by surprise issues that derail your projects? You’re not alone. According to Wrike's 2015 Work Management Survey, 31% of respondents say that final deadlines often shift due to unexpected changes.  
Unexpected changes are to be expected in projects, which is why it's crucial to plan accordingly. It’s easy to lose track of the big picture and get derailed by an issue you did not anticipate. Trying to prevent these issues can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack especially if you lack the right tools.
Wrike’s new Report Templates help project managers and team members instantly pinpoint problems so you can resolve them on the spot. Here are five ways Wrike's status report software can help keep your projects from failing:
  1. Unassigned Tasks: Quickly find and assign new work.
  2. Overdue Tasks: Reschedule or reassign tasks already overdue.
  3. Overloaded Team Members: Redistribute work across your team.
  4. Poor Visibility: Review work with at-risk status and take action. 
  5. Forgotten Projects: Don’t forget a project! Check upcoming deadlines.  


Gain Instant Visibility with 5 New Report Templates

Instantly pinpoint common issues that derail projects with these five new Report Templates active tasks by assignee, overdue tasks by assignee, weekly project status, projects dues this month, and unassigned tasks.

Edit/Build Custom Reports from Scratch

Now you can quickly edit a report from a template, adding customized filters and groupings. You can still build a report from scratch using our 4-step wizard.

Share Reports with Teams & Schedule Regular Notifications

Share reports with teams, clients, or stakeholders so they can provide updates and feedback at any time. They can also subscribe to scheduled inbox and email notifications to view reports regularly.
Start a free trial of Wrike today or join an upcoming webinar to learn more. Reports are available in Wrike's Business and Enterprise versions.

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