Continuing to share insights from the design management team at Wrike, it’s now time to reveal our skills matrix on soft skills, as I promised in my previous piece dedicated to the hard skills specific to web designers.

This matrix is relevant to our entire design department at Wrike, which includes graphic designers, motion designers, web designers, and design operationists. Given its broad applicability, the matrix’s creation involved the collective effort of the entire design management team.

Just as a reminder, soft skills refer to personal qualities that facilitate effective communication, engagement, and collaboration among team members, essentially determining how well you navigate and contribute within a team setting. Serving as transferable skills spanning multiple jobs and industries, soft skills transform this article into a valuable guide, particularly beneficial for all design professions and anyone in the roles of team management, project leadership, or coordination within the design or creative industries.

Now, without further ado, let’s delve straight into the matrix, followed by some insightful tips based on our experience working with it.

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