Welcome back to the weekly Work Management Roundup, where we collect and curate the best reads from around the web regarding work, leadership, and —this week especially — teamwork. It turns out that hierarchies are out and functional teams are in, and those who are finding success engaging their workers do so by focusing on improving team dynamics. Read on!

New Research Shows Why Focusing On Teams, Not Just Leaders, Is Key To Business Performance (Forbes): According to the Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2016 study, traditional hierarchies have taken a backseat to today's “network of teams.” These are teams that work to solve a specific goal regardless of job title, and where leaders are hands-on experts who come from the ranks. Most issues companies face are due to this new model, and now 92% of companies surveyed are redesigning the way they work because of it. The article identifies 4 keys to success using this "network of teams" model.

Marketers Poised to Run the Customer Experience Show, Survey Says (Tech News World): In a recent study involving nearly 500 CMOs and marketing execs conducted by email automation company Marketo, the consensus is that marketing will have significant influence over business strategy and the entire customer experience by 2020.

The Rise of the Agile Marketer: A Report on the State of Agile Marketing in 2016 (Marketer Gizmo): In a study involving 803 US-based marketers, some fascinating results surfaced: a whopping 63.4% are using at least some aspects of Agile methods. Though there's a surprisingly limited use of Scrum, and there are challenges in finding good Agile training.

Bridging the Communication Gap Between Marketing and Creative Teams (Infographic) (Wrike): If you're part of either a marketing or creative team, you understand the frustrations of collaborating with one another. The language and even the focus is sometimes different for each side. This infographic lays out a few simple tweaks to your communication style that may make all the difference.

Great Leaders Embrace Office Politics (Harvard Business Review): It's not just about delivering results; being a great leader means networking with influential people in the company, making sure your contributions are noticed and you are perceived as being executive material. Some advice on playing the game without using Machiavellian influence-building tactics.

20 High Achievers Share the Daily Routines That Make Them Successful (Inc): If successful people could distill their daily routines into a formula, would you actually use it? Here's your chance. This roundup gathers the daily tasks of 20 CEOs, founders, and thought leaders, ranging from the mundane ("eat lunch with your employees") to the inspirational ("treat every day like it's the first day on the job") to the unconventional ("run to trouble").



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