Welcome back to the weekly Work Management Roundup, where we reel in the freshest reads from around the internet (with a small "i" according to AP Style) on topics revolving around work and productivity. This week, we lead off with an article outlining 11 habits you need to succeed, all of which are more important than raw talent. Because personal success really does boil down to how you think. Read on! 11 Ways You Can Succeed With Zero Talent (Inc): Now here's a hotly contestable headline. Surely you'll need SOME talent to succeed, right?. Of course. But the point is if you have these 11 attitudes, behaviors, and mindsets, you can go far, learn new stuff on the job, and contribute to a team effort. Find Privacy and Peace of Mind Even When You’re Surrounded by Chatty Coworkers (Uncubed): When you're in an open office layout, sometimes you just wish you could tell everyone to shut up! But seriously, a better way to deal with the perennial noise problem is by using a combination of shared calendars ("This is my deep work time, guys."), noise-canceling headphones, and sound-absorbing furniture. How to Do the Most Work in the Shortest Time (The Guardian): A management coach shares that those who get the most worthwhile work done in the smallest amount of time follow these 8 rules for being time-efficient. But it's ironic that rule 8 is to avoid articles like this. 5 Strategies for Forming Team Productivity Habits (Wrike): Download our eBook that outlines five concrete strategies for building a high-performance team, one habit at a time. The Principles of Immersive Single Tasking (Cal Newport's Study Hacks): The modern rush towards Virtual Reality has one intriguing possibility — it could offer a distraction-free retreat for people who want to get deep, creative work done. Makes sense right — strapping on a headset instead of actually going out into the sunshine with your fully-charged laptop and soaking in some vitamin D? Marc Andreesen's Favorite Books (Google Docs): Entrepreneur and Netscape founder Andreesen reads a LOT. Someone went through his Twitter feed and listed every book he read and recommended and compiled it in a single read-only Google spreadsheet. Remember how I said in the intro that your success depends on how you think? Well, how you think depends on what you read. So pick a book and get going.

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