Marketers: do you find yourself banging your head against the wall after receiving yet another "final” design that completely disregards the creative brief? Designers: have you ever strained a muscle rolling your eyes at marketers who leave vague feedback or are constantly stretching the original scope of the project? Marketing and creative teams must work closely together simply due to the nature of their work. But some things don’t naturally get easier the more you do them, and collaborating with other teams is one of those things. If you’re struggling to deliver on expectations because you simply can’t seem to work well with another department, take heart! A few simple tweaks to your communication style can make all the difference. As revealed in this infographic, most of the major sticking points between marketers and creatives boil down to poor communication:
  • Fewer than 40% of marketers say design teams follow the creative brief or ask questions to clarify expectations.
  • 70% of marketers say their creative team doesn’t follow a transparent process, so marketers are left in the dark until the final product is delivered.
  • Although 46% of marketers say they give useful and timely feedback, fewer than 30% of creatives agree.
  • Fewer than 23% of creatives think marketers brief new projects clearly.
Bridging the Communication Gap Between Marketing and Creative Teams (Infographic)Source: Visually

Better Collaboration for Marketing and Creative Teams

With a more mindful approach to communication and a little honest self-reflection, marketing and creative teams can start working together to achieve better results — in less time and with fewer headaches. The right collaboration tool can also go a long way in improving communication and transparency. For help finding the right software solution for your team, download our free ebook: Collaboration Software for Marketing Teams: A Buyer’s Guide.
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