The new Proofing & Approvals feature provides an easy way to request, collect, give, and receive on-demand feedback. But when your creative team is really on the run, there can be dozens of such reviews created weekly. How do you stay in touch with everyone regarding each review and approval process?

We've updated our filter collection so that you can easily find the tasks with ongoing or completed reviews and set up dedicated dashboards. To add any of these filters, just check the "Reviews" box in the Advanced filters window when you use the filter panel.

New filters allow you to search for tasks containing reviews by a set of additional criteria:

  • By stage:
    1. Pending - reviews that are assigned but not all feedback is gathered
    2. Finished - completed reviews where all decisions are given
    3. Unassigned - reviews that have been created but don't have any reviewers assigned
  • By reviewers assigned: In the "assigned" list, you can choose users assigned as reviewers to specific tasks or in the "pending by" list, find only those tasks where users still haven't given their decision
  • By review creator: Select a user or users in the "owner" list to find reviews that were created by specific users
  • By review due date: Reviews can have their own due dates, which can be different from task due dates. You can search for overdue reviews or find reviews based on a date/interval set

Here are some concrete examples:

  • I want to know which tasks are waiting for my approval:
    Select your name in the "Pending by" list
  • I want to know which reviews have started but are still not finished and are at risk of being late:
    Select your name in "owner" list, "pending" in the main review filters, "overdue" and "today" in the "due date" section
  • I want to know which approvals user X gave last month
    Select user X's name in the "assigned" list and "time frame" in the due date section

As always, you can create a dashboard widget by performing a search and saving results in a chosen dashboard with the three dot menu button.

We've also added a pre-defined dashboard widget for active reviewers that shows reviews currently assigned to you but still awaiting your decision. Try this one first, but feel free to create and use any combination that suits your team's needs.

If you're just starting out and need some advice on how to build an interactive dashboard for project management, check out some of Wrike's templates for new ideas.

What do you think of the new Proofing and Approval filters? Share your feedback in the comments below.