Welcome to week 2 of our new Friday habit: the Work Management Roundup. We're sharing a handful of must-read links from around the web that will give you ideas to improve your habits, increase your productivity, and make work less tiresome. Read on:

  • The 6-Month Rule: According to this musician-turned-entrepreneur, it takes 6 months to master a new musical technique. The same thing goes for mastering a new skill that might just give you a competitive edge in your professional life. So, keep at it!
  • Notebook Hacks & Communicating with Visuals: Here's a cool system for maximizing your paper journal if you prefer Moleskine (or similar) notebooks, handwritten notes, and to-do lists. And don't be afraid to include your doodles! Author Dan Roam has been telling us for years that humans communicate better with visuals.
  • 300 Free Resources: Ever asked yourself if there's a free service that can do X? Well, head on over to this ultimate list of 300 free tools for everything from social media and productivity to logo design, stock photography, and education.

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