Welcome back and TGIFR! (Thank Goodness It's Friday's Roundup!) We've collected the week's essential reads on productivity, work management, and company culture so that you can attack work, get tasks done quickly, and advance your organization. Here we go:

Canceling 1x1 Meetings Destroys Productivity (HBR): When you cancel your one-on-one time with your direct reports, they will find other, less effective ways to connect with you (i.e. email). Which means more distractions to prevent you from getting into the flow!

The Ivy Lee Method of Getting Stuff Done (JamesClear): List your 6 most important tasks the day before and arrange them in priority order. 

How to Make Company Culture Stick (Fast Company): Take a look at advertising platform InMobi's unique approach to corporate culture. They've distilled their culture into 3 elements: [1] Scripts: how we should operate, [2] Rituals: what we do daily, and [3] Festivals: what we celebrate.

3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Memory (Fast Company): As we age, and as we get more stressed, memory begins to decline. The author of 2 Weeks To A Younger Brain reveals 3 simple memory boosting exercises anyone can do to keep their memory sharp. 

More Work Management Must-Reads:

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