Welcome back to your Friday habit, the Work Management Roundup — where we collect articles that help you work smarter and better. This week we paid special attention to resources that help you manage your remote work and increase your creativity and productivity, turning you into an awesome contributor to your team. Without further ado, this week's reads:

Work Better Remotely

Remote Productivity - The 3 Challenges of Working From Home (LinkedIn): Wrike CEO Andrew Filev discusses the 3 main challenges to productive remote work — lessons learned from the early days of his startup.

12 Tips for a Wildly Productive Home Office (Bplans): So now that you got the remote job, how do you arrange your home office for maximum efficiency? Here are 12 solid tips.

5 Remote Working eBooks that Can Increase Your Productivity (Hubstaff): Working remotely has a huge number of challenges. So read up on some best practices from these 5 free, downloadable eBooks.

10 Ways to Make Remote Employees Feel Part of the Company (AllBusiness Experts): Ten young entrepreneurs weigh in on the best ways to bring remote workers into the culture.

Be More Creative

Research Says: Sarcasm Can Boost Creativity (Open Culture): I know, right? Are they serious? Apparently, Harvard and Columbia Business Schools scientifically concluded that creating or decoding sarcastic comments promotes creative thinking.

13 Things You Should Know About Creative People (Lifehack.org): Check out these 13 habits or actions that creatives do that are worth emulating — because they work.

3 Pages Every Morning: Why I Started a Daily Ritual and How I Stuck With It (Medium): Some lessons on forming new habits brought on by writing three pages long hand every morning.

More Work Management Must-Reads

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