Do you follow Inc.? Make sure you haven't missed our fearless CEO's latest contributed article on the site! Just to tease your tastebuds: Andrew shares his thoughts on why collaboration, crowdsourcing, and collective wisdom are integral to any organization's success. He also describes how companies that successfully introduce collaboration into their culture ultimately produce successful — if not groundbreaking — results.

Andrew's guest article can give you some insight into how everyone from 3-D printing hobbyists to amateur DJs, and Kickstarter companies to large corporations, have thrived using collaboration as a key ingredient to craft their success.

"Is collaboration essential to growth? Yes, now more than ever. The lack of recent hype merely suggests that the concept of collaboration has been absorbed into the philosophy of many organizations. And if yours hasn't done it yet, make the change. It should be an integral part of every company's DNA in order to survive and thrive. There are two reasons for this..."

To learn more about those two reasons and the companies "doing it right," read the full article on