. With this new release, you can be a user in one organization, a collaborator in a couple more, and even an administrator of your own personal account, all with one login and one entry point at Wrike.com. Here’s the breakdown of new features: accessing multiple accounts from one workspace, inviting existing Wrike users from other companies to collaborate on your projects, and organizing your personal projects in a more flexible and convenient way. Read on for all the details. Join multiple accounts from one workspace One of the greatest advantages of this new feature is that now you can access your multiple accounts through a single log in. In the folder pane, you can see which account each group of folders belongs to and easily switch between them. The account name is set by the account administrator. Your roles in each of the accounts may differ: You can be a User with a full set of features in one of the accounts, while in another you’ll be invited as a Collaborator to view and discuss tasks. Logically, each account has its own contact list to ensure privacy. Accounts are created to reflect real life organizations, such as separate companies with which you might be involved, or different business divisions of a large organization that are mostly separate. In the same spirit, you can’t move tasks or folders between accounts in this initial release, and you can’t include one task in multiple accounts at the same time. This guarantees autonomy of each account. However, as always with Wrike, you have a single point of access to the data across all of your accounts. For example, the Activity Stream displays the changes from all of your accounts, as does the dashboard and reports which connect the most important tasks from everywhere. Email settings have also been enhanced. Now, you can choose: a)      To deliver notifications to different email addresses for different accounts b)      In which folder and account tasks should be created when you email [email protected]. A more comfortable way to manage personal projects Although Wrike has always provided an opportunity to create both private and shared folders, many of you also wanted to have separate accounts for personal and corporate projects connected in one workspace. We made that happen: Now anyone can create their own personal accounts to track tasks together with family and friends! In order to create your own free account, just go to your Profile by clicking your name in the top right corner, choose “Accounts,” and click “Create personal account” tab. Then simply choose the name for your account and invite your family and friends to collaborate on projects together. If your personal projects outgrow the free plan, you can upgrade your account to the premium version at any time. New “External user” role for more flexible work with clients Another popular request is to plug clients into Wrike with better privacy and more collaboration features.  For this purpose, we’ve added “external users” which have the same abilities as ordinary users, except they can only see the contacts of other people of the folder(s) you choose to share with them. It’s important to note that external users can’t give access to folders and tasks to other people, which prevents unwanted exposure of your data.  If you want multiple external users to share a folder, the account administrator has to invite them. In summary, here are the three user types of licenses with the new account management:

  • Users: ?an use all features and collaborate with all people in the account.
  • External Users: Can use all features, but can only work with the people with whom they share folders and tasks and can’t give other users access to the data.
  • Collaborators: Can only view the contacts of the people with whom they share folders and tasks, comment on tasks and mark them as completed and upload/download files.
======= All of these new features are instantly available for all new signups. We’ve also started to gradually roll it out to existing accounts, so within the next few weeks it will land in your workspace, too! If you can’t wait to start using the new account management features, just drop our support team a note. We’ll be looking forward to your feedback once you check it out in action.