Administrators vs Billing Administrators

(The feature is only available to account administrators.)

Administrators in Wrike are users who have a right to invite and delete other users, as well as grant and revoke administrative rights to anyone else in the account. In all other aspects, there is no difference between a user and an administrator.

To grant the administrative rights to someone in your account, open the account settings by clicking on “Add Users” link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen 1 .
Choose the person who should be granted admin rights, click on the avatar and choose “Admin” in the drop-down menu in the pop-up user management page 2 . The changes are saved automatically. The administrative rights can be granted to any number of users.


The Billing Administrator has the same rights as any other administrator, with just two differences:

  1. The billing administrator is the only person who can edit the credit card details, choose a billing plan, and access invoices.
    2. No one can revoke the administrative rights from a billing administrator.

By default, the billing administrator is the person who initially registered the account. If you need to change the billing administrator, please contact

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