If you've ever been stuck on trains, planes or automobiles wanting to read project or task details, jot down an idea that pops into your mind, or send a comment to a colleague, you will be excited to learn that the Wrike iOS app now has Offline Mode.

No matter where you are in the world, with Offline Mode for iOS, you can free yourself from your desk without losing access to your work. So go ahead and switch your phone into airplane mode to avoid angering your flight attendants, we've got you covered.

Offline Mode Means You Can Keep Working Anywhere

Offline Mode in iOS allows you to:

  • Continue viewing tasks from your Inbox, My Work, Dashboards, and Project or Folder lists
  • Review the entire comment feed for tasks you've been working on
  • Create new tasks with attachments and comments, which will automatically sync when you come back online

Have You Noticed Our New Look?

Alongside being able to go off the grid, the Wrike iOS app has recently spruced up its Task Stream and Task Creation screens. The new look and feel is more intuitive and should help you work more efficiently while on the go. Here's what's new:

Redesigned task updates & comments feed

  • Enhanced loading speed for better performance
  • Neat and clean - comments now stand out from status updates

Wrike iOS app new look - Wrike mobile app

New task creation experience

  • Create tasks from any screen, using the green plus button at the bottom
  • Ensure your task can be accessed by the right people with a Shared/Private flag
  • Task creation screen is neat and clean

Wrike iOS app - task creation screen - Wrike mobile app

Ready to Go Off the Grid?

Download the latest versions of our iOS and Android apps today.