With your projects and tasks in Wrike, it can be challenging to work with technical teams that use other systems like JIRA and GitHub. Limited visibility into what they’re doing makes it harder to manage the projects they’re involved in and you’re stuck communicating outside of Wrike, separate from where you and your team collaborate.

Because we strive to keep you insanely productive, we recently released an integration with JIRA, and now we’re excited to announce our new integration with GitHub, also powered by Unito. Just as with JIRA, our integration with GitHub is a two-way sync, giving you unmatched access to the work that development teams are doing and enabling you to collaborate with them just as if they are right there in Wrike with you.

The Power of Full Two-Way Sync

Integrating different systems is essential, to ensure information isn’t stuck in one place. An integration can be as simple as exporting and importing data, or involve synchronization, which ensures information is always the same across systems. But, all synchronizations aren’t the same: one-way syncs only copy information in one direction, manual syncs need to be started by you, and some syncs transfer only limited information.

Our new GitHub sync is best-of-breed: it’s two-way, so changes are copied in both directions between Wrike and GitHub, happens automatically (and nearly immediately), and enables you to sync all your important information, including custom fields.

Sync with GitHub and Everyone Wins

  • You stay in Wrike and they stay in GitHub. You and developers both benefit because you both stay in your system of choice and don’t have to learn something new, while still enjoying seamless collaboration.
  • Project Managers coordinate across teams and systems in one place. Plan projects that have a mix of tasks that come from GitHub and tasks that exist only in Wrike, and maintain Wrike as your single source of truth.
  • Executives get multi-project visibility and reporting, all in Wrike. Run reports in Wrike on work being done in GitHub and eliminate the effort and delays of getting updates from different teams.

What You Can Do With Our GitHub Sync

Here's some of what you can do with the new GitHub two-way sync:

  • Create new issues in GitHub from within Wrike
  • Leave comments in Wrike and they will appear in GitHub, and vice-versa
  • Automatically see status updates and other changes to issues
  • Sync GitHub milestones to due dates or custom fields in Wrike

There's much more. Check out our Help Center for more details.

And It’s Free for a Limited Time

Both our new GitHub sync and our existing JIRA sync are free to try, but for a limited time only (you have until February 1st, 2017). They’re available to any user of a paid Wrike account, and are also included as part of a Wrike trial.

Try them out today and tell us what you think below!

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The Digital Transformation Guide for IT and Ops Teams

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