Wrike project management software does a lot of things to help you clearly see what tasks you should be working on at the moment. For example, during your morning coffee, to-do e-mails bring you an overview of the tasks you need to take care of today. At any moment, the Dashbord shows you a widget with the up-to-date list of tasks planned for the week, where tasks for each day are clearly highlighted. Since focusing is one of the hardest challenges in today's office work, we developed one more feature to help you struggle against distractions and quickly get an overview of your schedule. Now, Wrike automatically groups and labels your tasks by date in each folder, so you can grasp the project schedule at a glance! 

The first group in each folder highlights the tasks that usually require your immediate attention. You'll see your overdue tasks on the top of the list, so you can handle them first to keep up with deadlines
The other tasks are organized in the order you need to tackle them: tasks planned for today, this week, this month and later. Besides the tasks that are actually planned for more than one month ahead, the "later" group also includes backlogged tasks. This is very handy because it helps you keep an eye on great ideas and ensure they will be brought to life one day. Of course, all these groups are visible to you when the task list is sorted by date.
To simplify the interface, two sorting criteria (by start date and by due date) are now merged into one, called "by date". If you were using any of these old criteria, we're quick to reassure you that you won't miss them! The new sorting in a powerful combo with labels will do a much better job, as it combines the benefits of both of them. Plus, it gives a much better visualization of your work.