Welcome back to the weekly Work Management Roundup, where we grab the week's best articles concerning work, productivity, entrepreneurship, and startups and hopefully inspire you to work smarter and be more successful. This week, we take a special look at startups in general and app developers in particular, with three meaty articles on finding app success. Read on!

Life and Death in the App Store (The Verge): An eye opening story about how an app startup has to struggle not just with plummeting app sales but with customer fatigue. The average person spends 80% of their time on mobile using only 3 apps. So successfully selling a new mobile app right now is like hitting the lottery.

10 Killer App Store Marketing Tips (Slideshare): Despite the 1.5 million apps currently available to consumers, there are ways to increase customers and drive down the cost of user acquisition. This deck by StoreMaven examines a year's worth of data from leading developers worldwide such as Kabam, Zynga & Google, for these 10 solid tips on app store marketing.

Facebook viral marketing: When and why do apps “jump the shark?” (Andrew Chen): Growth hacker Andrew Chen shares a technical discussion on how your app can go from success to epic failure. It delves into user acquisition, "virality," network saturation, and user retention. And it's got a downloadable spreadsheet.

Motivating Millennials Takes More than Flexible Work Policies (Harvard Business Review): While having flexible work schedules is critical to attracting millennials to your organization, you have to go further to keep them engaged. Here are 5 tips to engage more with this demographic.

How to Win at Medium (Medium): If you're blogging on the Medium platform, bookmark this blog post now. It presents a complete series of tips and tricks for writing your posts and  making them both more readable and more visually appealing.



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