Welcome back to the weekly Work Management Roundup, where we collect and curate links to articles on business, work, productivity, and careers. And what a tumultuous week it's been! The biggest topic people will be talking about for the next few weeks is undoubtedly the United Kingdom voting to exit the European Union, and UK Prime Minister David Cameron resigning from his office by October, both of which will have massive consequences on global business. Some say you might be jobless this year, others say "if you think it doesn't affect you, wait till Game Of Thrones loses its funding for location shooting." Read on! Brexit: The Scary Reason You Might Be Jobless This Year (Mic): If you think it won't affect you, dream on. According to a Boston University professor: "Even if stocks and other markets take only a short-term hit, other global economic effects might keep rippling out over the next six to 12 months." Scariest prediction? It may begin a period of slow global growth. Although, since nothing like this has happened before, no one can predict the outcome with certainty. 7 Creative Strategies for Marketing Your Startup on a Tight Budget (Entrepreneur): When you're bootstrapping your startup, it makes sense to do the most cost-effective marketing possible. Here, Matthew Toren shares 8 ways to do so, ranging from carving a niche, to sending e-coupons. 5 Strategies for Forming Team Productivity Habits (Wrike): Download our eBook that outlines five concrete strategies for building a high-performance team, one habit at a time. The US Commercial Drone Industry is Finally Governed by Real Rules (Quartz): Meanwhile, if your startup has anything to do with commercial drones, it might be time for a pivot. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finally announced some strict rules that will affect every commercial drone — from aerial wedding photos to drone delivery. How To Brainstorm Like A Googler (Fast Company): Google uses a three-step linear process for brainstorming new ideas and turning these into actual products. And none of the steps include the word "synergize." My Cofounder Said “I Love What We’re Doing” and We Shut Down Our Startup (Maqtoob): A startup CEO shares his story: "Well, if you didn’t give up for a really long time, and you’re still not there, maybe it’s time to fail fast."


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