"I wouldn't say I'm achieving amazing things. I would say our customers are achieving amazing things with a little help from us." — Errette Dunn

Our very own Implementation and Project Management Coach, Errette Dunn, was featured on the PM for the Masses podcast hosted by PM Influencer, Cesar Abeid.

In this episode, Errette discusses his work — how he started out as an engineer at Toyota and transitioned to Airbus just as they transformed to using Lean Management methods. He also talks about his coaching at Wrike and how different customer personas can influence what solution is best for them.

In this Podcast, you'll learn about:

  • Lean Project Management and how Toyota piloted a method called Lean Manufacturing that would eventually transform the automotive industry
  • Airbus's transition to Lean and how it influenced change management and culture
  • The similarities and differences between Agile and Lean Project Management
  • "Accidental Project Managers" and the pains driving them to adopt new tools
  • How Wrike molds their product based on what problems their customers are trying to solve

Listen to the full podcast episode here: From Toyota, to AirBus, to Wrike: The Lean Journey of Errette Dunn

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