If you manage projects that consist of typical tasks, then project templates can save you a lot of time. The templates help you quickly add frequently recurring tasks to your projects. Besides, Wrike allows you to fully customize templates for your convenience.

For example, if you have a Web site project, you always have design, coding, menu structure and content steps. So you can create the following template in Excel:

Login to your workspace in Wrike, choose a folder where you want to create the new project. Then click on the "Import" link and upload your Excel file.

After the import process, you will be asked to associate users from your contact list in Wrike with the names found in the imported file. Then you get your project organized in your workspace:


It is very convenient to use project templates because you can save time on every project that you manage.

Templates can be generated in two ways. If you have already organized a project in Wrike, you can export it and use the file as a template afterwards. You can edit the file, if necessary, then import it and insert it into any part of your plan. Alternatively, you can download a sample project template, adjust it to your needs and then import it to your workspace in Wrike. Each way is rather simple and will bring you a significant productivity gain.