You're a hard-working individual. You work long hours everyday, so you can breathe easy on the weekends. You also have a passion to start your own company, but you don't have the time or tools to do it. How do you fulfill your passion and find enough time to start a company without quitting your full-time job?

We're excited to release our video interview with Adeo Ressi, CEO & Founder of The Founder Institute, who helps passionate individuals start their own companies. After founding nine companies himself, Ressi built The Founder Institute as a way to help people achieve their dreams while balancing their day jobs. During the interview, he shares tips on entrepreneurial best practices, how to deal with investors, and what qualities make a good founder. Check out the full video interview with Ressi:

"A company dies when a founder gives up." —Adeo Ressi @adeoressi

Some key takeaways from the interview:

  • Lessons learned from being an entrepreneur
  • Differences between good and bad investors
  • Qualities of successful founders
  • Deadliest mistakes commonly made by founders
  • The current state of the startup industry
  • Why there are so many "Unicorns" (and if that's good or bad news)

Are you an thriving entrepreneur? Share some of your founder tips and advice in the comments.