We're back with the Work Management Roundup after last week's all-too-brief Thanksgiving break. Which means we've collected a number of links from the past week and a half — good reads which should get you back on the productivity track. Read on!

Radical Candor — The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss (First Round): Over on the First Round blog, Kim Scott shares the single most important thing a boss can do: focus on guidance. Giving it, receiving it, and encouraging it. This guidance needs to be given with "radical candor", which just means criticizing their work honestly, but with personal care for your employee's growth.

How to Survive 8 Straight Hours Of Meetings (Fast Company): Some smart strategies for getting through a day that is wall-to-wall meetings. Sample tip: schedule breaks between meetings so you can grab a bite to eat if needed.

Sweden Experiments with Six-Hour Workday (The Guardian): Meanwhile, a Swedish retirement home is trialling shorter work hours. Result: better well-being of nurses, higher standard of care, lower turnover. Only drawback: having to hire more people to cover the increased number of shifts.

28 Ideas for Becoming 5 Times More Productive Every Week (Medium): Thomas Oppong puts together a massive collection of productivity tips to use throughout the day.

4 Reasons Your Project Board Isn't Working (Girl's Guide to PM): Just because your team has a project board doesn’t mean they'll use it or find it valuable. Here are four reasons why they fail.

If I Knew Then... Julie Masino (Crain's SF): Sprinkles Cupcakes CEO Julie Felss Masino shares how one mistake shaped her business philosophy and taught her empathy because people are your greatest asset.

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