Friday is here, which means the Work Management Roundup is back with links to the week's helpful articles on productivity, product management workflow, startups, team building, management, and technology. Read on!

From Zero to Product in 14 Days (Medium): Ben Hoffman walks us through how he and his team built Venture Route in two weeks. An insightful look into the planning and execution of a startup's minimum viable product aimed at serving the VC community.

Singing is the Best Team-Building Exercise, Study Shows (Yahoo! Finance Canada): Here's something that our colleagues in Asia have known for quite some time — karaoke singing is an awesome team activity. It allows people to let their guard down in a fun setting. All you really need is a venue... and maybe some Bon Jovi.

The One Side Project per Year Challenge (Medium): Stuck wondering which side project to spend time doing? Here's a suggestion: start one side project per year. You dispense with analysis paralysis by cutting down your choices to just one and you set a 12-month time frame that forces you to buckle down and get to work.

Tony Schwartz’s Internet Addiction (and Why You Should Care) (Cal Newport's Study Hacks): When a person like Tony Schwartz admits he struggles with cutting back his Internet time, that's when you know it's a serious problem. He's made a career out of coaching people to reach their full potential and yet found it easier to quit soda and alcohol than to lessen screen time. Let's face it: his struggle is our struggle too.

Digital Natives: Creating and Maintaining a Work/Life Balance at Home (Fresh Business Thinking): Three concrete strategies on maintaining productivity even within a potentially distracting home office setting.

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