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seesarahwrite @leslieajoy have you tried Wrike? Let me know your favorite!

alexsbrown Evaluating wrike project mngmnt system for a client. If you are a user, I would love to talk with you about it.

ResGeek More updates to #GTD Software Comparison List: Wrike now supports real-time updates from team members - #TRO

pm4girls RT @corneliusficht: Need a tool to manage your projects via Email? Try - I use it for my team and love it.
corneliusficht Need a tool to manage your projects via Email? Try - I use it for my team and love it.

TourismCollege allows you to come up w/ project plan & assign tasks 2 the resp. people. Great for virtual office.

ken_guru Wrike project management integrating with Google Wave. These kinds of integrations is what will make #wave "mainstream"

TiptonCom Tipton Communications recommends for project management and planning.

googlewavedev The @Wrike folks have blogged about their 2-way syncing between Waves & Project Tasks - Nice use of the active API! 

ElPrezAU @kenleefh We use Wrike... I quite like it but I use it more for task management, dunno how it goes for handling projects over a lifespan.

Susan_Low I am so excited about implementing project management for my client. I think I need to do a happy dance.

weareid We've started using Wrike for project planning and resource management - Have a gander, there is a free trial.

pa1et Probando Wrike. Cuales son las mejores herramientas 2.0 de gestión de proyectos que genere gants bien bonitos?

georgedearing Wrike becomes more Yammer-like with activity streams // | #fb

bionicturtle @wrike love the yammer-like microblog. I'd love if we had option to tweet it out (e.g., if hashtag or something)

venturebeat Wrike merges project management with activity streams by @CodyBarbierri

armanddp Wow, the new @wrike beta is slick. Just stumbled across the switch to beta button... Very nice. (

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