Over the past year, many companies have experienced an acceleration of digital transformation to accommodate remote work. While the nature of work has always been complex, the recent proliferation of software, apps, remote employees, and now hybrid workforces have upped the ante again. 

Companies need new strategies and solutions to prepare for the future of ever-increasing workplace complexities and rising expectations of employees and customers. An organization’s success depends on how well they support, empower, and connect employees to work collaboratively from anywhere. 

But we know that’s easier said than done, so how can we ensure we’re set up for the next phase of work? Well, it’s vital that we minimize complexity so everyone can reach their potential. This means adopting tools that centralize and simplify work, enabling the workforce to Work as One. 

It’s time to explore the latest advancements in AI, automation, and cloud collaborative work management technologies that allow organizations to achieve their best results. We also need to look outward and leverage industry insight and data to achieve a flexible, digital workplace. 

That’s why at Collaborate 2021, Wrike’s industry-leading work management conference, we’re planning an exciting lineup of thought leaders, industry experts, and guest speakers from some of the largest brands. Our exciting schedule of keynotes is only a fraction of what you can expect at this year’s conference, and captures how we plan to share exclusive insight and strategies on building the workplace of tomorrow. 

Check out our lineup of incredible keynotes below. 

A vision for the future of work 

Collaborate 2021’s opening keynote will feature Senior Vice President and Wrike General Manager at Citrix, Andrew Filev, sharing the Wrike vision for the next era of work. This immersive session will outline the challenges many teams are facing and how better collaborative work management and technology-driven solutions enable long-term success. 

Moving Forward Together With Citrix 

David Henshall, President and CEO of Citrix, will provide an inside perspective on how Wrike and Citrix are working together and what it means for the future of Citrix, Wrike, and the work management market. The session will demonstrate how our customers benefit from the partnership and how we work together to provide the best product for our users. 

The Future of Work Is Now

Gain critical new insight into the intersection of emerging technology and a rapidly shifting employee experience with J.P. Gownder, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester. This fascinating talk will feature insight on how workflows need to adapt to accommodate the new digital age of collaboration. 

The Next Phase of Collaborative Work Management

Alexey Korotich, Vice President of Product at Wrike, will hit on all the innovation and updates available in the Wrike platform and how we’re preparing teams for success as we move into the next era of work. 

Fuelling Productivity Across the Organization

Glean insights on working within large organizations worldwide with Abhay Rajaram, Chief Customer Officer at Wrike. We’re solving the modern problem of enterprise-wide productivity and collaboration through optimized processes and open communication. 

Let’s move Forward Together at Collaborate 2021

Collaborate 2021 is Wrike’s industry-leading conference dedicated to exploring the benefits of collaborative work management for global teams and supporting them to build the workplace of tomorrow. 

Presenters and attendees will explore the big topics surrounding collaborative work management in a hybrid world and how we can move Forward Together. So far, the lineup includes:

  • Exclusive sessions from featured guests Oracle, Forrester, Nickelodeon, Verint, Texas A&M University, CHOMPS, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, Arizona State University, Citrix, and more
  • Technical and executive presentations from the world’s foremost experts on the next era of work. 
  • Breakout sessions on the strategies and use cases that will enable teams to thrive in 2021 and beyond.
  • A best-in-class virtual conference experience, including virtual booths, spot prizes, raffles, and interactive entertainment. 

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