Google for Work Partner PremierWe spoke to one of our enthusiastic customers, Vertaccount, about how Wrike + Google Apps work together as the powerhouse behind their workflow. Vertaccount is a Pan-Pacific bookkeeping service provider catering to small and medium-sized businesses. Their offices are located in Hawaii, Manila, and Sydney, Australia. Their mission: to empower clients to make informed decisions and become a real contributor to their success.

Below is our interview with Ace Garcera, Marketing Manager at Vertaccount:

Using Google Apps + Wrike: Q&A with Vertaccount

1. Tell us about your team and the role it plays in the company.

I handle the Marketing Team of Vertaccount. We're a team of four, dealing with marketing, customer service, and special projects for the company. On a day-to-day basis we track customer sentiments via transactional surveys, quarterly surveys, and any potential complaints addressed via email to the company's associates.

Every quarter, we also engage in various marketing projects, some online or on-ground events, and our day-to-day involves handling the various aspects of running those projects.

The team also handles clients' business requirements which are not necessarily related to bookkeeping, such as reservations, ticketing, and more.

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2. What were the problems you faced that led you to connect Wrike and Google Apps?

We use email extensively in our work since we collaborate with people all over the globe. Before integrating Wrike with Google Apps, it was a headache moving from our emails to the Wrike platform just to manage tasks. We would normally receive requests or instructions via email that we had to put into Wrike as tasks so we could better track progress. This took up a lot of our time and hampered our productivity.

3. How have Wrike + Google Apps helped your team reach its goals?

By integrating the two, our productivity and efficiency improved. First, logging in became seamless. We no longer had to remember separate login credentials since using our Google account made logging in a breeze.

We normally receive surveys in our inbox that we need to send to Wrike as a task so we can assign it to the right people and perform the tasks related to the survey (i.e. thank the client, work on the client's suggestions, etc.). Using the Wrike Gmail gadget makes everything really easy. From our inbox we can change the details of the task and assign it to the concerned individuals.

The Wrike Gmail gadget is really the best feature we've come across. When we receive Wrike notifications, we can add a comment right from our inbox. It makes collaboration much easier.

4. What improvements have you seen since implementing Wrike + Google Apps?

Productivity has increased. Here's a concrete example:

Every quarter we send out surveys to our clients via Survey Monkey. The app is configured to send us an email every time we receive a response. When we get this email in our Gmail inbox, we immediately use the Wrike Gmail gadget to create a task in Wrike. The assignees and other task details are easily populated. From here, the entire process moves seamlessly.

In the past, it would take us more than 5 minutes per client survey just to be able to move everything from the email to the Wrike task. With the Wrike Gmail gadget, it takes a few seconds.

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