When we need the answer to a quick question like, "What time is it in Beijing?" we immediately jump on Google or ask Siri. We’ve grown accustomed to having answers and resources instantly available. But as efficient and effective as these tools are, Siri can’t tell you when that new gadget you’ve had your eye on is likely to go on sale, and Googling can only get you so far when it comes to finding the word that’s been stuck on the tip of your tongue. That’s where these handy online shortcuts come in. Save money, time, and effort with this list of convenient web tools.

Money-Saving Tools

  1. Camelizer Chrome Extension - Displays the pricing history of an item and lets you set up notification alerts for when the price drops.
  2. Honey Chrome Extension - Automatically searches for and applies coupon codes for you during checkout.
  3. 10-minute mail - Set up a temporary email address to receive discount code emails, and the address will self-destruct after 10 minutes.
  4. FaxZero - If you need to send the occasional fax, use this site to upload documents straight from your computer and send them within the US and Canada for free.

Productivity Boosters

  1. StayFocusd Chrome Extension - Set limits for the amount of time you can spend on distracting websites you specify.
  2. AutoPatchWork - Load websites with multiple pages as a single continuous page, so there's no need to click “Next."
  3. OneTab Chrome Extension - Suddenly find yourself with a zillion tabs open? Click this browser extension to consolidate them all into a single list. Restore them individually or all at once.
  4. SleepyTi.me - Calculate exactly when you should go to bed based on natural sleep cycles so you wake up refreshed.
  5. OhDon’tForget - Send yourself text message reminders for important or time-sensitive tasks.
  6. Unrollme - Unsubscribe from unwanted emails en masse, then combine what you want to keep into a single daily digest email.
  7. WhichDateWorks.com - Planning a meeting or event? Quickly find a date/time that works for everyone.
  8. Dictation.io - Online voice recognition and dictation software in your web browser.
  9. TabCloud Chrome Extension - Save your current browser tabs and open them at a later date, on any computer.
  10. AvoidHumans.com - Find a quiet public space to get out of the office, without getting stuck in a noisy crowd.
  11. Flux - Combat eye strain and get your brain ready to sleep by customizing the brightness and hue of your computer screen.
  12. MailboxMap.com - Quickly locate the closest USPS mailbox.
  13. Klip.me - Send any article you find on the web directly to your Kindle to read later.
  14. Ctrql.rss - Search engine for RSS feeds.
  15. ManualsLib.com - Lost the manual to a malfunctioning device? Look it up in this database of pdf manuals for all sorts of products.
  16. iReader - Removes ads and displays articles in one continuous page, with clean formatting.
  17. LastPass - Save your usernames and passwords to LastPass, and access them wherever you need to.

Creative Timesavers

  1. WhatTheFont - Find the name of the font used in a particular image.
  2. Mondrian.io - Create vector drawings right in your browser window.
  3. MyScriptFont.com - Create a vector font from your own handwriting.
  4. Popcorn Maker - Add interactive elements to videos like maps, links, pop-ups, Tweets, and images.
  5. Adobe Kuler - Find complementary color palettes.
  6. TipofMyTongue - Pinpoint that elusive word stuck on the tip of your brain.
  7. Rhymer.com - Find the perfect word with this online rhyming dictionary.
  8. Expresso-App.org - Analyze your writing to find areas for improvement.
  9. XMind - Organize your thoughts, brainstorm new ideas, and visualize complex relationships with this mind mapping tool.
  10. Script Timer - Find out exactly how long it will take to read your written script.

Quick Tools for Everyday Tasks

  1. Scr.im - Converts your email address into a short, custom URL you can share on public sites without getting picked up by spam bots and email harvesters.
  2. ShareLinkGenerator.com - Create Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest share links that work anywhere — even in emails.
  3. qClock - Find the local time of any city by hovering over it on Google Maps.
  4. Chrome Currency Converter - Automatically convert prices displayed on the web to your selected currency, using current exchange rates.
  5. Random.org - Choose a random number, flip a coin, etc.
  6. Date to Date Calculator - Find out exactly how many days, hours, minutes, or seconds have passed between two events.
  7. iRuler - Automatically reads the dimensions of your display to show an accurate ruler.
  8. How Secure Is My Password? - Find out exactly how long it would take to hack your password with this secure website.
  9. Strong Password Generator - Spits out a random, strong password to protect your online accounts, along with a mnemonic device to help you remember.
  10. FreeWifiFinder - Find the closest free WiFi hotspot based on your current location.
  11. CopyPasteCharacter.com - Copy special characters & symbols that don’t appear on your keyboard.
  12. DownForEveryoneOrJustMe.com - Is that website down for everyone or just you?
  13. Jotti.org - Scan suspicious files or attachments for viruses or malware.
  14. PrintWhatYouLike.com - Print web pages without ads or other clutter.
  15. Lazarus Form Recovery - Autosaves everything you type so you can easily recover from timeouts, crashes, and network errors.
  16. Google Voice Extension - Send and receive texts, calls, and voicemails on your computer.
  17. DisposableWebpage.com - Create a temporary web page that will automatically self-destruct.

Just for Fun

  1. NowIKnow - Emails you an interesting story or tidbit every day to keep life (and your daily conversations) interesting.
  2. DailyLit - Want to read more books, but can’t find the time? Select a book on DailyLit and it’ll send you bite-sized snippets via email or RSS every day until you finish.
  3. UnplugtheTV - Presents short YouTube videos that entertain and educate so you can learn something new while you scarf down dinner.
  4. The Nicest Place on the Internet - Bad day? Check out the nicest place on the internet for a quick mood booster.
  5. Memrise - Learn new skills in small, bite-sized pieces during quick breaks or while waiting in line.
  6. Skyscanner - Want to get away for the weekend, but unsure where to go? Check out the "Cheap Flights" widget to browse available flights by price.

What are your favorite apps?

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