How Wrike Helps Estée Lauder Deliver Prestige Beauty Products Through Better Work Management

Estée Lauder leads the industry in prestige beauty products, with a diverse portfolio of more than 25 brands spanning approximately 150 countries and territories. These operations require cross-functional collaboration at a global scale, making project management a complex endeavor. 

In 2017, Estée Lauder’s marketing and creative teams realized it needed a better way of collaborating — rather than relying on physical folders and sending thumb drives around the world as a means of file-sharing. 

A powerful, secure solution for complex problems

With so many different brands being sold in so many different locations, Estée Lauder wanted to make sure they found a work collaboration solution that clicked for every team across the organization. The company underwent a rigorous analysis process to find the right work collaboration solution. They needed a platform that’d help them move past outdated and archaic processes, complete projects more efficiently, as well as secure their data and work. That solution was Wrike. 

With Wrike’s powerful and practical functionalities, Estée Lauder is now seamlessly balancing projects across 30 different creative teams across multiple regions and time zones. It's helped their teams integrate the specific nuances and steps they need for each unique project, while standardizing request forms that's tailorable to the needs of each team. 

“Our brands have individual ways of working, but we’ve discovered that our creative development processes don't differ that much … Wrike has shown us that we are more common in our ways of working than we thought.”

— Olivia Legere, Vice President of the Global Creative Center of Excellence

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