Wrike's e-mail integration works in two ways:
1) you can CC your e-mails to [email protected] to create tasks and
2) if anyone updates a task, you receive an instant e-mail notification about the changes.

We continuously improve Wrike's Intelligent E-mail Engine, so you can save even more time. Recently, we released a way to create tasks from e-mails while turning off the feature that would invite the recipients to Wrike. Previously, we introduced processing of e-mail replies. It allows you to update a task by replying to someone’s e-mail that was CCed to [email protected]. However, many of our users wanted to update tasks by replying to their own e-mails. Therefore, we released this feature today.

Now, your task is automatically updated in Wrike if an email with a CC to [email protected] contains "RE" or "FW" in the subject. The system searches for the task by subject in the indicated folder and updates the tasks' description. If the task has already been moved to another folder, the system searches for the task within your entire workspace. If several duplicate tasks are found, Wrike asks you to choose the correct task and update it manually.
Besides the description, you can also update other task properties:

  • Status. Indicate the desired status of the task in the subject line of your e-mail. Simply add the proper tag in the square brackets to update the task’s status: [completed], [active], [deferred] or [postponed].
  • Due date. If you change the date in square brackets in the subject line, the tasks’ due date is updated.
  • Priority. If you change the priority of your e-mail, the tasks’ priority is updated.
  • Responsible person. If the system gets an e-mail with "FW" in the subject, it reassigns the task to the e-mail recipient.
This way, Wrike works whether you reply to someone's e-mail or your own e-mails. Stay tuned; we are working on processing replies to Wrike's e-mail notifications.