Welcome back to the weekly Work Management Roundup, where we corral the wild and wooly links from across the web that relate to work and management for your entertainment and education. This week, we lead off with an article from Instagram's head of engineering, who talks about how he manages his team using principles derived from Quantum physics. Read on!

The Principles of Quantum Team Management (First Round): Can your management system be designed like a machine or software system — with few dependencies, single owners, and minimal decision points? Absolutely! The Head of Engineering at Instagram calls it Quantum Team Management and its five principles are greatly influenced by the Schrödinger's cat theoretical experiment. Be aware of the observer effect!

4 Ways to Give Employees More of the Control They Want (Entrepreneur): You want happier employees? Give them more control — over their career path, daily tasks, schedule, and environment.

How to Get Through the Workday When It Feels Like the World Is a Mess (Lifehacker): With global tragedies coming at us almost weekly, how do you cope with your now seemingly trivial to-do list? Three tips are here. And let me add one more tip from Stephen Covey: be proactive and take care of what you can directly influence.

5 Strategies for Forming Team Productivity Habits (Wrike): Download our ebook that outlines five concrete strategies for building a high-performance team, one habit at a time.

What to Do When Your Boss Has a Favorite (and It’s Not You) (Harvard Business Review): There are ways to improve your working relationship with your boss, even if someone else seems to be the favorite. And like anything else in life, it involves some perspective and an attitude adjustment. Stay positive.

4 Biggest Challenges for Creative Teams from Wrike


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And finally, for your amusement, we present the only logical evolution for the work desk: the Fetal Position Desk.

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