The Dashboard is a perfect place to track the most important tasks and the latest updates in your Activity Feed. It's also a good starting point when searching for specific tasks.

Today, we release a new feature for our Enterprise and Professional customers. Now you can customize multiple Dashboards exactly the way you want them and then share these dashboards with members of your team. This means you and your colleagues can align over the same project view. Enterprise workspace can hold up to 20 Shareable Dashboards while Professional users can create up to 10 Dashboards.

It also means that Enterprise users can pick which custom reports they want front and center for all team members on their shared Dashboards.

With this new feature, the possibilities are endless:

  • You can run a weekly meeting off a custom "Weekly Overview" dashboard. Instead of giving each other links to separate tasks, the entire team can now share a common view of just the crucial tasks. First, create the appropriate widgets for your meeting (e.g. tasks completed this week in the Content Marketing folder, overdue tasks in the Engineering folder), embed them into a Shareable Dashboard, and give your team access.
  • You can track multiple projects at once by creating a Dashboard of relevant widgets for each project, then you can share each Dashboard relevant stakeholders so everyone is actively tracking the key pieces.

When you share a Dashboard, your team will only see tasks that are shared with them. If you have multiple accounts, you can create widgets selecting tasks across all of your accounts. In this case, users with access to the Dashboard will only see tasks that have been shared with them.

Just go to your workspace now to reveal the full power of the new Dashboards.

Tell us what you think of the new Shareable Dashboards in the comments below!