Welcome back to the weekly Work Management Roundup, where we collect and curate links from around the internet regarding work, management, productivity, and business. This week, no other topic has quite captured the imaginations of millions around the world than the Pokemon Go mobile app craze. Don't dismiss it without realizing the app's success has opened up a whole new marketing opportunity for companies— even yours. Read on! Why I Am More Excited Than My Kids About Pokemon Go (Entrepreneur): Within 2 days of release, this insanely popular app was installed on more than 5% of all US Android phones and has now surpassed the number of active users on Tinder, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger. It got kids and adults alike out of the house in search of imaginary creatures, though there have been quite a few disasters too. But what does this have to do with business? Nintendo masterfully used augmented reality in tandem with geolocation and gamification. Which means marketers might be able to see where consumers are in real time and can offer people incentives to enter brick-and-mortar businesses. Suddenly, #CatchEmAll sounds more like a lead gen battle cry. Pokemon Go Could Be Next Big Marketing Tool for Retailers (Reuters): Speaking of Pokemon "lures": retailers can now pay to have Pokemon characters placed in their locations. Companies like Groupon and Foursquare have their work cut out for them. It won't even matter if this is a fad that will fade quickly, there are lessons to be learned here. Which leads us to... Marketing Lessons from Pokemon Go (Business 2 Community): Online traffic leading to real-world traffic. Partnerships. User engagement and incentives. It's all in the game. Take the lessons and use them in your own apps or products to make 'em sticky and get customers hooked. Take an Afternoon AFK to De-stress, Recharge, and Refocus (Nat Eliason): You really should take time to be totally "Away From Keyboard." It's good for your health and your productivity. Go on a walk, do something fun, but leave your mobiles or laptops behind or you may be tempted to hunt Pokemon. Overworked Americans Aren't Taking The Vacation They've Earned (NPR): A recent poll found that about half of Americans who work 50+ hours a week don't take the vacation time they've earned. Not surprising considering: workaholism!


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