The year ahead is pointing to fresh challenges in work efficiency and our new work management platform, Wrike Lightspeed, can unlock peak productivity. 

To help you get even more out of Wrike, we created Collaborate, our conference for modern work efficiency, to help improve your insight into modern work management challenges and learn how individuals, teams, and organizations like yours leverage Wrike to increase efficiency.

At Collaborate 2023, our incredible lineup of speakers focused on helping you learn how to tackle challenges and thrive in a tough economy. Here’s a peek into the Wrike Lightspeed-focused sessions at Collaborate.

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1. Meet Wrike Lightspeed: Your New Work Experience — Beau Roberts and Andrey Moskvin


Beau Roberts, Design System Architect, and Andrey Moskvin, Senior PMM for Platform Marketing, both from Wrike, teamed up to share the latest and greatest from Wrike Lightspeed. The session included the motivation behind the change, the new Wrike Lightspeed design, key highlights of the latest release, reimagined Wrike views and navigation, AI updates, and a long-awaited feature unveiled! It was a very exciting session!

Wrike Lightspeed aims to improve the initial experience for small teams, while also benefiting all users. It focuses on personalization to tailor Wrike to your workflow, saving time to make essential details easily accessible, and brightening workdays to modernize the interface. You do not want to miss this session to be up to date on all things Wrike Lightspeed!

Key takeaways

  • 99% of our users are now enabled with the modern and intuitive Wrike Lightspeed design
  • Maximize work efficiency with our modern, joyful, and frictionless workspace
  • Draft project plans, generate event briefs, or simply digest long conversations right in the new Item view
  • Delegate daily routines to Wrike’s intelligent platform and reclaim time for more meaningful work
  • Bonus announcement: Dark Mode is coming to your Wrike workspace in the next few weeks!

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2. Maximizing Adoption Using the New Wrike Lightspeed — Amanda Stephens and Jim Richmond


In this enlightening conversation, Jim Richmond, a Solutions Consultant at Wrike, interviewed Amanda Stephens, VP of Operations at seoplus+, about how the adoption of Wrike Lightspeed has evolved the digital marketing agency further than it ever thought possible.

The discussion revolved around the before, during, and after stages of seoplus+ adopting Wrike Lightspeed. Manual systems and a lack of features led seoplus+ to research a new work management platform. Wrike came out as the top choice. The agency took several steps to carefully launch Wrike, including appointing ambassadors, a beta test, training, and continual feedback.

You don’t want to miss this deep dive into how Wrike changed the game for seoplus+!

Key takeaways

  • Wrike’s blueprints, request forms, commenting abilities, and intuitive UI solved pain points for seoplus+ 
  • Key metrics:
    • 13% increase in employee NPS score
    • 98% client retention
    • 26% revenue growth after launching Wrike
  • How Wrike can drive employee satisfaction, client retention, and revenue growth for rapidly scaling agencies like seoplus+

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Welcoming you all to Collaborate 

Our favorite part of Collaborate 2023 was seeing all our attendees engaging with the platform and the sessions.

We can’t wait to see you at our next work management conference — in the meantime, you’re welcome to watch Collaborate 2023 back with our on-demand sessions. Whether you were there in real time and want to rewatch something or you couldn’t make the live event, head here for on-demand access to Collaborate. 

See you next year!