Welcome to your fresh new Friday habit, the Work Management Friday Roundup — a collection of articles we've spotted over the course of the week that will help you manage your workload, be more productive, and simply become an awesome contributor to your team.

How the CIA Makes Decisions: If you're facing a tough decision, then you may need this 5-step process created by a former CIA executive who, during his career, had to make difficult recommendations on some of the biggest threats to national safety.

Minimum Lovable Product: Startups take note: Instead of building the minimum VIABLE product, why not aim to build a minimum LOVABLE product? After all, investing in what customers will "love" instead of what they simply "need" makes good business sense.

Dread Opening Email? If you're one of those people who dread opening their email, then you could be subscribed to way too many newsletters. Or you just might be in a destructive relationship with email as the collaboration tool you can't let go of.

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