Right now, our engineers are finalizing a powerful project management feature update that will fuel productive collaboration for your team. The redesigned Activity Stream is on its way! Before we officially launch it, we’d really like to know your opinion. This would help us put the final touches on the Activity Stream and make it as handy and helpful as possible. To access the early preview of the enhanced Activity Stream, just follow this modified link to your workspace: https://www.wrike.com/workspace.htm#beta. Then click on the “Activity Stream” button in the left-hand pane of the dashboard and enjoy the awesome new additions to the familiar feature! Detailed info on updates, the ability to comment on any post in the stream – these and other updates are already available in the early preview of the Activity Stream.

Are you excited to try the new Activity Stream when you collaborate with your peers? Please let us know what you think. Would you like to be able to filter the updates appearing in the Activity Stream by certain criteria? If yes, then which criteria might be helpful? Feel free to share your ideas in the feedback form right in the Activity Stream!