It has become possible, thanks to the new field that allows you to specify the date filtering criteria. Now you can filter tasks not only by the due date, but also by the creation date, start date, completion date and the date when last changes have been made. Remember that you can combine such sorting criteria as dates, responsible party, task status and priority to get clear visibility of a particular part of your plans.


In other words, you can create a report that tells you what high-importance tasks John Smith has completed by today, tomorrow or any other date. Or what tasks Mary Brown has completed since the beginning of the week. Or what tasks created by you start on the next Monday.

Your partial reports can be created in each folder, as well as overall reports across all your projects can be created in the special “Reports” area. The “Reports” area has one more advantage: you can select tasks by the author.

Now it’s your turn to benefit from Wrike’s easy-to-customize reports and evaluate your organizational productivity. There is always room for improvement in successful businesses. Very likely, you will be pleased with the opportunities for growth of your team's overall performance.