Welcome back to the weekly Work Management Roundup! We took last week off from the roundup in order to bring you our April Fools prank. But the hijinks were everywhere across the web: while some people lost their jobs because of a GIF, others were wowed by imaginary products, and people all over the globe scrolled through roundups of the best pranks to laugh with the rest of us.

So this week, we're giving you a double helping of links to productivity-enhancing articles and management-improving blog posts to help you bounce back from the April 1st tomfoolery and get ready to tackle this new quarter with some verve. Read on!

You Need to Practice Being Your Future Self (Harvard Business Review):  The reason most of us are stuck in a rut? We're focusing on what's bugging us at this present moment instead of spending time moving toward our future goals. This means doing stuff which may feel unproductive at first because there's no instant gratification of marking off a checklist, but which will eventually help us achieve an end goal.

How I've Learned To Get Through A 100-Hour Workweek In One Piece (Fast Company): The first rule is: if you can avoid it, do so. But if you can't, here's a comprehensive guide to surviving a hundred-hour workweek, including a handy infographic charting what tasks to do at which time of day, written by a survivor who didn't lose his mind while going through it.

What Every Entrepreneur Should Learn from GoPro Founder Nick Woodman (Fortune): Today’s answer to the question “How do you come up with a new startup idea?” is quite simple: solve an existing problem. That's how GoPro founder Nick Woodman did it. And that's how all successful startups begin.

The Hidden Psychology of Failure (BBC Capital): The rapid pace of business is forcing companies to fail fast and often — in short, experiment in order to innovate. Failure then isn't something to be feared, since the lessons learned can lead to a more successful future. But is there any scientific proof that successive failure propels innovation forward?

4 Ways to Keep Mobile Tech from Hindering Productivity in the Workplace (Entrepreneur): With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) a reality in corporate offices everywhere, there's a very real struggle to keep workers productive when distractions are just a tap away. Here are 4 guidelines for ensuring devices help, instead of harm, worker productivity.

New Report Released: How Marketers Get Things Done: The State of Agile Marketing in 2016 (Wrike): Our latest report explores the world of Agile and the challenges marketers are facing today. We surveyed 800 marketers about their work management, use of digital tools, and their collaborative relationship with other departments. And the results might surprise you.

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