Imagine you’re managing a team of remote workers. You’ve created a strategic work breakdown, devised the optimal workflow, and developed an airtight project plan. At the project kickoff your team is energized and motivated to succeed.

Now it’s halfway through the project and your colleagues are disengaged and listless. They're not collaborating, team productivity has tanked, and you’re barely making deadlines. Your project looks like it’s dead in the water. What do you do?

Top 8 Challenges Facing Remote Teams

Virtual teams face some daunting challenges, but knowing what you're up against means you'll be ready to handle any bumps in the road. The following infographic shines a spotlight on the top 8 roadblocks to remote team success:

  1. Poor communication: 33% of respondents cite communication as their greatest challenge.
  2. Access to expertise: 14% report a difficulty in accessing the knowledge they need to succeed.
  3. Technical management: 14% say technical management is their biggest hurdle.
  4. Planning overhead: 12% have a difficult time planning.
  5. Lack of training: 10% claim their team is not adequately trained.
  6. Cultural differences: 9% say overcoming cultural diversity is their team’s biggest challenge.
  7. Team morale: 4% have trouble keeping their spirits high.
  8. Lack of support: 4% don’t feel encouraged in their work.

Check out the infographic below for more statistics and insights into remote work trends.

Infographic Source: Projects At Work

Does your team have what it needs to succeed? 

What have you learned from managing distributed teams? How can you manage your virtual team meeting to make sure every member feels heard and included? Check out our post on remote work trends or share your wisdom in the comments below.