At its inception, email was a great way of sending short notes to your officemates and people around the world. Since then, it has become a primary way to communicate at work, and messages can be anywhere from a short, "OK," to a long-winded essay on all the tasks that need to be done before tomorrow and every step to be taken. Which then quickly spirals into a chain of back-and-forth emails. Tasks get assigned and promptly forgotten, people send simultaneous messages that contradict one another, and you never know if your email has actually made it through the territorial spam filters.

We challenge you to look at your email inbox again and consider if this is really the best way to communicate with your team. How many projects have been delayed because important emails weren't read properly or in time? How often have you had to resize a document in order to attach it successfully? Do you open your inbox in the morning and groan at the amount of junk mail you are now required to wade through?

Watch our video on the reasons we "love" email, and if you identify with these groan-worthy moments, maybe it's time to switch to a better communication tool:

What do you hate about email?

We only named six reasons why email is a pain in the neck, and we know we left some out. So tell us: what do you hate most about communicating with your team via email?

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