If you love organization (and I know all you Wrikers do), then you'll probably enjoy Pinterest. Users organize cool images, articles, and more into boards of related information. Our recent "11 Ways to Use Social Media to find PM Resources" blog post tells you HOW to find great project management resources on the social media site, but now we're taking it a step further. Here's a list of our favorite project management-related Pinterest boards to check out when we want to find new PM strategies, awesome infographics, project management images or PM humor on those days that just need a laugh.

General Project Management Boards

Sadiq Somjee's "Project Management" board
Check it out for: Pins about PM methodologies, personality traits that make great project managers, and strategies for running your projects well. As well as a little bit of humor and (my favorite) Calvin & Hobbes.

Sylwia Zolkiewska's "Project Management" board
Check it out for: Advice about effective PM methodologies, motivating your employees, and tips for being a better project manager.

PQC International's "The Wonders of Project Management" board
Check it out for: As the the self-proclaimed board hosting the "Wonders of PM", you'll find articles about stress-free PM, terminology you need to know (similar to our own post), and the Batman & Robin of PM!

Project Management Resources

Dr.Talaat Refaat's "Project Management" board
Check it out for: Links to great resources such as articles about the qualities of a successful leader, eBooks about creative project management, and videos about turning obstacles into opportunities. Oh, and links to a few coffee cups for sale featuring PM humor. (Any office birthdays coming up?)

Moheet Nagrath's "Project Management@Fast Learning" board
Check it out if: If you're a new or accidental project manager, this board helps you pick up the basics quickly and easily. Pins help you answer questions like: "What IS project management, anyway?"

PMP® (Project Management Professional) Insights

The PMP® Exam's "PMP Insights" board
Check it out for: Wisdom direct from the brains behind the PMP exam. You'll find digestible insights into high-level PM ideas. I also suggest you look at their other boards for more educational information (e.g. podcasts, quizzes), lessons learned, and details regarding the PMP exam.

Project Management + Change Management

Lesley's "Project Management/Change Management" board
Check it out if: You're trying to create a change in your organization, but you don't have a solid plan, or you're battling employee resistance and bad project management.

Project Management + Risk Management

Bonita Tompkin's "Project Management" board
Check it out for: Articles, books, images, and videos about managing the risks that come with every project you start.

Project Management + Strategic Planning

Julia C's "Leadership, Strategic Execution & Project Management" board
Check it out: The best project managers know that projects start long before the first task is created. Take a look if you have a new project coming up and need help improving your goal-setting, planning, and kick-off.

Project Management + Time Management

Daniel Sommer's "Productivity - Project Management - Time Management" board
Check it out for: Advice on how to stop wasting time and start increasing your productivity. Also includes a link to ambient background sounds that makes you feel like you're sitting in your favorite coffee house. Time for a little in-office escape!

Project Management Templates & Charts

Kim Huang's "Project Management" board
Check it out for: Templates for management presentations — everything from business analytics to marketing overviews to change management steps.

BONUS: A Little PM Humor

Marta María de León's "Project Manager" board
Check it out if: You're having one of those days where you just want to lay your head on the desk and sigh heavily. These images might be so relatable that you'll have no choice but to laugh and perk up again.

Did we leave out any of your favorite PM boards? Drop us a link in the comments!

Also, check out Wrike's Project Management Pinterest boards for more inspiration and education.