Did you know that the term "deadline' hails from 19th century civil war prisons in the U.S.? It was originally used to describe a physical perimeter beyond which prisoners were not allowed to go. And if they did... they would be shot. That, dear friends, may just explain our mortal terror when faced with deadlines today.

To say that deadlines cause stress is an understatement. Some people say the stress that deadlines give them makes them more productive, and can perform much better when they cram. Others prefer to plan out their work so it's staggered throughout the weeks leading up to a deadline.

However much deadline stress affects you, it's good to know that there are ways to deal with it. Below is an infographic listing 10 ways to make deadlines less stressful:

10 Ways to Beat Deadline Stress (Infographic)
Source: FreshEssays.com

Want to Plan Out Your Work More Clearly?

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