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Media Management Template

Manage successful social media marketing campaigns with this free template. Track performance and monitor progress with Wrike.
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Make your social media stand out

Social media management requires planning and organization, as well as careful monitoring. Without a 360-degree view, clients become frustrated, campaigns are neglected, and ads may underperform.

  • Social media campaign activities are ad hoc and not delivered effectively for clients
  • External vendor contracts aren’t managed or organized correctly, resulting in administrative issues
  • Digital media teams waste time collating data from various platforms

With Wrike’s social media management template, your digital marketing team can easily overcome these obstacles. 

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of campaign data to share with clients in a timely and efficient manner
  • Visualize campaign information by platform to gain a better understanding of what’s working
  • See metrics such as cost-per-click or click-through rates at a glance 

Why you need this social media management template

<h5>Poor campaign visibility</h5>
Poor campaign visibility

Wrike’s social media management strategy template allows digital marketing agencies to quickly understand the status of campaign activities.

<h5>Incomplete communication</h5>
Incomplete communication

Using this social media management report template, data from various social media outlets is pulled into a single platform, improving client communication.

<h5>Disorganized contract systems</h5>
Disorganized contract systems

Our social media management plan template includes a specific contract workflow that details which contracts have been requested, signed, or completed.

<p>Take control of your social media activities</p>

Take control of your social media activities

<p>Take control of your social media activities</p>

How to manage a social media campaign in Wrike

Ready to take charge of your social media campaigns? Get set up in minutes with Wrike’s social media management plan template. 

Here are some of the features that will kick-start your social media management.

Wrike’s social media management template is easy to use. All you need to do is follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Set up your campaign workflow

This template works hand in hand with the web development template, so requests will be pulled from that template to start your workflow. 

Tasks can be set with statuses such as Strategy, Copy, and Design, which give digital media managers a simple visualization of where each project stands. 

Step 2: Build your social media content calendars

The social media management template includes calendars that make viewing planned, active, or past social media content easy.

Digital media managers can view content by client or channel to better understand the status of each project. 

Step 3: Import external vendor contracts

Managing external vendor contracts with the social media management template is a breeze. Set up the contract dashboard to manage the stages of each of your contracts. 

Contracts can be categorized as Requested, Legal or Client Review, or Completed, so social media managers know what contracts need their attention.

Make Wrike work for you

Want to dig deeper? Wrike’s versatile work management software has a range of powerful tools to help you take campaigns from start to finish. Our customizable features include:

Wrike can be tailored to suit any project, team, or organization. Personalize your action plans and design your workspace to match your team’s processes. Our platform is built to work your way — not the other way around.

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<p>See the big picture with Wrike</p>

See the big picture with Wrike

<p>See the big picture with Wrike</p>


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