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Employee Onboarding and Offboarding Template

Streamline your new and departing employee processes with Wrike’s employee onboarding and offboarding template.

Simplify onboarding and offboarding with this template

This template streamlines the process of onboarding and offboarding employees for your organization. Track expectations with easy-to-use checklists, and define each step of the process with detailed and customizable tasks.  

Why you need this template

<h5>Procedures are unclear</h5>
Procedures are unclear

Establish clear guidelines and steps with Wrike’s customizable templates and tasks. Update details easily with flexible custom fields.

<h5>Multiple teams need to be involved</h5>
Multiple teams need to be involved

Wrike’s employee onboarding and offboarding template is customizable. Include checklists and processes from multiple departments and stakeholders, and provide a full picture of what needs to be completed for each team.

<h5>Difficulties in tracking progress</h5>
Difficulties in tracking progress

Wrike’s employee onboarding and offboarding template enables you to view the progress of each employee from a table view. The template also has separate folders that automatically organize completed and ongoing processes.

<p>Streamline your employee onboarding experience</p>

Streamline your employee onboarding experience

<p>Streamline your employee onboarding experience</p>

How to use Wrike’s employee onboarding and offboarding template

There are five folders along with two pre-built templates to help you get started. This guide will demonstrate how to:

  • Create new onboarding and offboarding requests.
  • Use custom fields to streamline organization.
  • Track high-level progress through dashboards.
  • Customize templates and workflows to fit your team’s needs.

Step 1: Establish processes

Having a well-established process for new and departing employees saves time and ensures nothing falls through the cracks. Wrike’s employee onboarding and offboarding template uses two separate templates, so expectations are clearly set and tracked. 

Under the Templates folder, users are provided with two pre-built templates — one for onboarding and another for offboarding. Each template comes with several subprojects divided into multiple tasks.

Each template is fully customizable. You can access and customize each subproject and task to fit your organization’s needs and processes. 

Step 2: Create a new request

Once satisfied with the process, managers and recruiters can create new requests. When inputting a new request, you choose whether to access an offboarding or onboarding-specific request form. 

Each request form will contain several questions and custom fields that can be used as-is or customized. The details of each request form are located in each subproject under the Templates folder, labeled as “Onboarding Template” and “Offboarding Template.”

Fill out each field in the request. You can assign information like employee names, employment dates, location, department, and more. 

Once completed and submitted, each request form will be assigned a “New Request” workflow status and placed in the appropriate ongoing folder. 

The Wrike employee onboarding and offboarding template includes two pre-built, customizable workflows. As employees work through each stage of the onboarding and offboarding process, you can change the status of tasks to reflect progress.

Once an employee completes the process, you can mark the request as "Completed," and move the request from its “Ongoing” folder to the appropriate “Completed” folder. 

Step 3: Track and view progress

Tracking the progress of multiple onboarding and offboarding employees can be a hassle. Wrike provides an easy solution by enabling you to view the status of each request from a central dashboard. 

This template has two dashboards — one for onboarding requests and another for offboarding requests. Each dashboard features four widgets: 

  • Processes
  • New Requests
  • In Progress 
  • Completed 

Teams can use these dashboards to track high-level overviews and the status of each individual’s onboarding process. 

Reports are sorted alphabetically by default, but can also be sorted by date. 


<p>Ready to improve your onboarding and offboarding experience?</p>

Ready to improve your onboarding and offboarding experience?

<p>Ready to improve your onboarding and offboarding experience?</p>

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